Life As I Know It

Life can very disappointing if you let it. When I was 14 to 19 . I got on Meth. I would do whatever I thought I had to. To fill that high again. I slept wherever I could . Friends house, in a car, even would sleep in the woods. It didn’t even matter at the time . Yes I have stolen from my family and whoever else. It will tear you down.  From my sophmore (250lbs) year to a senior (185) . Even on the football field nobody knew it was me. I overcame Meth ( The Devil). I met my beautiful wife Angie at the age 19 fixing to turn 20 in a couple of months . I guess my point is . To change you have to want to change yourself. Nobody can make you change. Might can guide you a little. It is all up to .   “To change or not to change ” that is the question. I know I was a very bad person but now I am truly a better man and glad I went through what I did. So maybe I can help somebody that is in the situation I was in. Please follow me if you want more on my crazy life and much, much more. Thanks

#changedman #abetterman

Robert 62 Motley


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