Real or Not

I sometimes sit in the dark , dark forest. Just sitting and listening to the sounds of the night. There goes a bat screeching it’s sound of the night . The sound of the forest talks at night just sitting and listening to the darkness. You can hear coyotes in the distance, getting closer as they smell your flesh. I am quite as a mouse as I sit on a pile of sticks and leaves. Knowing one movement can give your position away. I twitch and a twig cracks like a tree just fell. Now the coyotes have my trail. So I get ready for anything. I quietly stand up. I hear them get closer and closer as they howl. Knowing there is more than one . I have a pocket knife and that’s it. I open it and wait. Now they are so close I can hear them breath. Just waiting for them to jump me. What I wasn’t expecting was one jumped on my back. Tearing a gash in my neck . So I thrust the knife in his neck. He whines and lays down bleeding out. As I turn around a huge growl hurling towards my face . With his mouth covering my face and his sharp teeth sinking into my cheeks and one of my eyes open up. Just a dream again. Please like and comment if you like. I have plenty more . Follow me and I will follow you. Thanks


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