Christmas Time Is A Stressful Time

I know growing up Christmas time was suppose to be fun time. It always was and is stressful on all the family members. You have layoffs at the worse of times. Growing up I had great Christmases to me. Other kids probably wouldn’t think so. Growing up we was so called “POOR”. I didn’t care though . So what I didn’t get much. So what I didn’t have nice cloths. That crap doesn’t matter. My mom might not have been the best of moms in everyone else’s eyes, but she was and is the best out of everyone else’s in my eyes . She always did what she had to do for us. I mean hell. She had 3 kids to take care of by herself. Yes my dad hung himself, when I was 2 1/2 . I couldn’t imagine going through what she went through . I could always tell she had her days when she was down and out. I always had,have, and always will try to make her laugh . Just to lift her spirits up. Make her fill better. Christmas time is a family time. So in those times its hard for everybody. Some kids are so ungrateful at Christmas time. I didn’t care if I got a stick. I would make a gun out of it. Make my own machine gun sounds. If you can go to the tallest building in town . You can see everyone running around like chicken with its head cut off. Christmas time is supposed to be about family,caring,courtesy,giving,being nice,loving,and all the little things. I know I say all the little things are the most important things a lot . I just want everyone to realize . Don’t let life pass you by. There is so much more important than making sure you go buy that big ass toy for your kid. They don’t care at all about that. Wrap up a cardboard box and they will play with it more than that 200$ iPod .I don’t get that stuff you gotta buy this new iPhone crap that tv pushes. You gotta have these new shoes . All that’s Bologna. We had that going on when I was growing up too. If you didn’t have name brand stuff you were nobody. I never owned a pair of Nike’s . Don’t care to. Shoes are meant to get worn out. Why pay $60 for shoes that are gonna go through hell and high water. Don’t make since to me. The appearance don’t mean crap. That is all school is based off of. If parents would teach their kids what is on the inside that is what counts. We wouldn’t go through the race thing . Wouldn’t have to stress on buying high dollar cloths,shoes or whatever else your so called suppose to have to be “cool” these days. We all bleed,feel,breath,and digest on the inside. We all have that in common. So everyone take a deep breath and realize life doesn’t have to be so darn stressful. On Christmas gather all your family around . Give each other a hug. Say I love you. Cause you are not promised another second on this earth and it could be your last time to see any of them. So happy holidays. From the Motley Family in Pensacola,Fl.

Robert 62 Motley


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