Remember always to smile. There is always someone who has it worse than you. Appreciate all the little things cause you don’t know when your time is up. I am only 31 and I have seen a stranger take his last breath right in front of me. Still to this day I still see his face in my head. Blood on my hands that I could do nothing about. Don’t get me wrong . I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I also wonder could we have been friends. I just think what if I got there earlier. Could I have done something more. The answer I know is no. Cause it was his time to go, but the thought is always there. So smile that you wake up with a roof,shoes, a car, or even a Family. Not everybody has all the little things in their life. Smile that you have air in your lungs. Be thoughtful and sincere to others less fortunate than you. Try to make someone smile. It will make you feel better. I hope this inspires whoever reads this.

Robert 62 Motley


Real or Not

I sometimes sit in the dark , dark forest. Just sitting and listening to the sounds of the night. There goes a bat screeching it’s sound of the night . The sound of the forest talks at night just sitting and listening to the darkness. You can hear coyotes in the distance, getting closer as they smell your flesh. I am quite as a mouse as I sit on a pile of sticks and leaves. Knowing one movement can give your position away. I twitch and a twig cracks like a tree just fell. Now the coyotes have my trail. So I get ready for anything. I quietly stand up. I hear them get closer and closer as they howl. Knowing there is more than one . I have a pocket knife and that’s it. I open it and wait. Now they are so close I can hear them breath. Just waiting for them to jump me. What I wasn’t expecting was one jumped on my back. Tearing a gash in my neck . So I thrust the knife in his neck. He whines and lays down bleeding out. As I turn around a huge growl hurling towards my face . With his mouth covering my face and his sharp teeth sinking into my cheeks and one of my eyes open up. Just a dream again. Please like and comment if you like. I have plenty more . Follow me and I will follow you. Thanks

In A World Together

One day we all will have to come together. No matter the language or race. We will have to come together to overcome this deceased , hateful and  tragedy world. There way too many bad things happening in the world. The only way to stop it. Is for everyone to stand up and come together as One . We don’t need no one telling us how to live if we all pulled together and did it. Let’s come together. #togetherness

Robert 62 Motley

Life As I Know It

Life can very disappointing if you let it. When I was 14 to 19 . I got on Meth. I would do whatever I thought I had to. To fill that high again. I slept wherever I could . Friends house, in a car, even would sleep in the woods. It didn’t even matter at the time . Yes I have stolen from my family and whoever else. It will tear you down.  From my sophmore (250lbs) year to a senior (185) . Even on the football field nobody knew it was me. I overcame Meth ( The Devil). I met my beautiful wife Angie at the age 19 fixing to turn 20 in a couple of months . I guess my point is . To change you have to want to change yourself. Nobody can make you change. Might can guide you a little. It is all up to .   “To change or not to change ” that is the question. I know I was a very bad person but now I am truly a better man and glad I went through what I did. So maybe I can help somebody that is in the situation I was in. Please follow me if you want more on my crazy life and much, much more. Thanks

#changedman #abetterman

Robert 62 Motley


Nobody knows who you really are. Except yourself. The only thing is. You spend all your time on Earth trying to figure who you are. Life is another teaching. Always try to learn to figure out a little about who you are in your heart not the flesh form. I know I don’t have a clue who I am each day. I just gotta keep searching . Life is only as good as you make it.

Robert 62 Motley

Words Of A Motley

As I sit and think. I can’t stop thinking about how crazy this world is getting. Yes ,  I know it has always been crazy. Just clear your mind for a second and think about all the bad stuff that happens in a worlds day. I wonder how one person can change someone else’s day . So instead of them having a horrible day. Maybe one person can simply hold a door for an elderly. Just the little things in life could change a horrible day into a smile. So everyday . My goal is to make someone smile. Cause you never know what the other person has gone through. One day we all will get along.