The Fallen Friends

Its weird when you grow up with friends all around you. Then when you get older . Some are still around, but you really don’t talk. Then there is the ones that die and you miss the most. I wonder why them. They had a better shot at life than I do. There are friends you run into and they say hey. You can tell that they really didn’t even want to. Some say hey and when you turn around to introduce them to your family . They disappear. I wondered for awhile was it me. Maybe cause I was dirty and had to meet my family there right after work. Nah that’s not it . Everybody has their own issues they have to work out. It really seems like the good ones die young though. I just want to say I miss Brian Fortenberry, Cody Renfroe, Jeremy Parrish, Evan Green, Michael Cooley, Johnny Brown and I know I am probably leaving somebody out, but they are not forgotten. Everyone that you guys know miss you very much. I appreciate the time on Earth I spent with each and everyone of you. Some friends stay. Some friends leave. None are ever forgotten. This is for all my fallen friends.

Robert 62 Motley